Living in Hangzhou

Hangzhou: a dynamic crossroad in China
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The University of Zhejiang is located at the heart of the dynamic city of Hangzhou, an important crossroad where culture, education and a strong economy based on light industry, agriculture and textile all meet to create an rich and diverse environment for students. 

Zhejiang University in Hangzhou

  • Located in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province  and a center for education, politics, economy and culture.
  • Close to Shanghai ( 2 hours away) permitting students fast international connections
  • A touristic destination: more than 20 million domestic visitors and foreigners
  • A  beautiful city surrounded by the West Lake in Hangzhou where  the Sweet Osmanthus flower and the Camphor Tree are essential to the nature of the city
  • Important cultural center: 14 public libraries, 57 museum,  12 theatres, 2 concert halls and many other cultural stations  

Under the motto "Seeking the Truth and Pioneering New Trails"Zhejiang University is a home of prestige and knowledge where students and faculty thrive for academic expertise and innovation. The history behind the university is impressive and students from the four corners of the world come to Zhejiang University with the aspiration to become future world leaders and promote worldwide prosperity thanks to the know-how of this institution.

An international community 

  • About 3 156 international students are currently on campus
  • Zhejiang University has an International College which fosters international education on campus
  • Many language programs available to study Chinese as a second language

A research expert

  • Launched international high-end academic platforms and many research centers such as the Zhejiang University International Innovation Institute
  • An important Science Park on campus which allows students and faculty to start their business. Today more than 100 hi-tech incubating enterprises have set branches in the park.
  • In 2011, research at Zhejiang University amounted to 2.817 billion Yuan
  • In term of project launches: more than 100 projects secured a grant of about 10 million Yuan

"Outside of the classroom, we had a blast. I could fill in a book trying to describe how fantastic Hangzhou, Shanghai and the rest of China is. You really need to live and experience the country to understand it. What I can say in one sentence is that you can literally feel the country's energy and growth, and it is definitely a rite of passage (or point of settlement) for any budding entrepreneur." - Alison P., Global Entrepreneurship Program Graduate from France

The brochure of the programme Contact your counselor
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