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Lyon: an enticing European metropolis
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Since the Renaissance, the banks of the two rivers, the Rhône and the Saône, that flow through the city, the Fourvière basilica that dominates the city centre, and the Old Lyon, are sights that make Lyon an extremely pleasant place to live in. Lyon is not only home to many of France’s large corporations which now operate worldwide; it also attracts many international firms and organisations. For centuries, the city has been a trading centre at the cross-roads between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean South. While its entrepreneurial culture dates back to the silk manufacturers in the early 19th century, its present dynamism is based on a diversified range of modern industries: energy, chemicals, vaccines, laser technology, etc...

Lyon, the capital of a dynamic region at a great location  

  • 6th most important region in Europe: Rhône-Alpes: 6th highest GDP in Europe, out of 204 regions ranked (Source: Eurostat 2005)

  • #1 region in France for incoming international companies: 900 foreign capital companies (above 50 employees) employing about 165,000 people.
  • A major education capital in Europe: around 150,000 students
  • Lyon gathers many International Headquarters: Atari, Bayer CropScience, BioMérieux, Plastic Omnium, Rhodia, Sanofi Pasteur... and renowned international organisations: Interpol (international criminal police organisation), Euronews (Europe's #1 non-stop television news channel), Handicap International (NGO), International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC (WHO), European Center for Humanitarian Health (CESH), European Center for Virology and Immunology (CERVI).

Lyon, a great city to live in

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  • 2nd largest urban site on the UNESCO World Heritage list, after Prague.
  • 2,000 years of history: its Gallo-Roman heritage, its Italian architecture and cosmopolitan population testify to the city's openness to multiple influences.
  • A multitude of landscapes, and leisure activities: Lyon Rhône-Alpes among the top 5 tourist destinations in Europe.
  • The cuisine is a source of great pride: Lyon is home to 22 of the best restaurants in France, according to the Michelin Guide.

Lyon, a cultural centre

  • Throughout the year, the city of Lyon hosts many outdoor festivals and events bringing the community closer together and stimulating the curiosity of locals and foreigners. Among others the city hosts the renowned “Fête des lumières”, the “Nuits Sonores” and the “Nuits de Fourvière”.
  • The city also has a lively art scene where musicians, dancers, painters and many other artists join forces to create and reinvent themselves. Special events such as the “Biennales de la Danse”, the “Biennales d’Art Contemporain”  and the national music festival, « Fêtes de la Musique” in June are the result of Lyon’s great artistic minds.
  • The historical heritage of Lyon is found not only by going to legendary museum such as the famous “Musée des Beaux Arts” but also by walking or biking around the city. The stones of Lyon burst with history and neighborhoods in downtown Lyon such as the “Pentes de la Croix Rousse” 

Lyon, a city for sports

  • 2 big teams in soccer and basketball: Olympique Lyonnais: French Champion for 7 consecutive years, 3 times quarterfinalist in the European Champions league and ADECCO ASVEL, also French champion and Euroleague participant.
  • Some strong individual talents: Gwendal Peizerat & Nathalie Pechalat (ice skating), Yann Cucherat (gymnastics)…
  • Many sports meetings: the World Rugby Championship, the World Gymnastics Championship, and other yearly events such as the Lyon Tennis Grand Prix, Lyon Marathon...

Excellent travel connections to other major European business centres and destinations.
Lyon is less than two hours away by car from the French Alps, and a three-hour drive to the Mediterranean Sea. London, Barcelona, Milan, Zurich... can be easily reached within an hour flight from Lyon. Lyon is also 2 hours by high-speed train from Paris.

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