Living in New York City

NYC: one of the most vibrant cities in the world
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As an intellectual, cultural and financial hub New York City is the perfect city to live in for young and ambitious entrepreneurs craving for new opportunities as well as business and venture ideas.

Students will have opportunities to discover and experience both a very dynamic campus located just five minutes away from Wall Street, the World Trade Center or the Federal Bank of New York as well as live in one of world’s most vibrant cities.

Once they step out the university students can hop on the subway and start browsing the city!


New York City, a top business center

The city’s most dynamic sector lies in its role as one of the world’s most important financial industries. Acting as the third largest central business district in the United States, New York is home to many financial institutions including the New York Stock Exchange located on Wall Street, the NASDAQ and the Federal Bank of New York.

Many investments banks and hedge funds are also headquartered in Manhattan. Some of the top publicly traded companies in New York include Verizon Communications, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, Citigroup, American Express, and Goldman Sachs.

New York city, a cultural Goldstar

Living in New York also means being able to enjoy many cultural activities which have made New York the legend that it is today. From enjoying a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, admiring the city’s tallest skyscrapers, roaming around Chinatown or Little Italy to taking a boat tour to the Statue of Liberty, attending a Broadway musical or visiting landmarks such as Central Park, the Empire State Building or Times Square, New York City has everything to offer! 

New York city, an entrepreneurial hub

According to an article written by Forbes Magazine in 2014, “Developers and founders no longer have to go west to find a vibrant tech scene. New York’s Silicon Alley has emerged as a heavy-hitting startup ecosystem, with a strong foundation of entrepreneurial and tech talent, venture capital, accelerator and incubation programs, marketing/PR and ad agencies, NGOs and government programs.”

Among other start-up initiatives here are a few new venture creations, which have seen a rise in New York:

- Sponsorhub, a platform and marketplace that connects brands to sponsorship opportunities like big events

 - Modern Guild, an online mentor program that connects high school and college students with career coaches and professionals working in the real world

 - Craft Coffee, where each caffeinated care package features coffee selections from three different roasters that are pre-screened by an expert tasting panel

 - Gotham Greens, a farm developed in Brooklyn which offers New York City chefs and shoppers fresh, high-quality ingredients year-round at competitive prices.

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