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Business projects in each region of study
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Combining academic knowledge with practical, real-life business challenges is crucial to the future success of our students. Therefore, the Global Entrepreneurship Program includes business modules in all three program phases during which students work on real projects with companies. 

Why these Business Projects?

  • Gain first-hand experience of turning an idea into a tangible project – while benefiting from the comfort of supporting structure,
  • Learn intercultural skills, navigate different business and cultural environments,
  • Work on different stages of a company’s development while building a network.

In France, the projects deal mainly with start-up companies and initiatives within emlyon’s network as the focus of the first semester is “Launch your ideas”. While in Europe you will potentially work with emlyon’s incubator and have the possibility of working on your own personal project (setting up a company, creating a business plan etc...) as part of the business project unit of the program .

At Zhejiang University (China), the focus of the second semester is “Expand your view” and thus company projects are in line with this theme. As part of this business project, you work alongside incubators and must submit a business plan. You may also carry on with your own business projects.

At Pace University (USA), the last semester focuses on “Shape your future” in order to help you give your ideas the most impact for your career. Business projects are therefore more oriented towards company growth, market entry strategies, opportunity to develop new and innovative business techniques, launch new ideas and innovations, etc. This business project will result in the student submitting a thoroughly researched business plan.

Some example of projects students have worked on in Europe, Asia, and the United States:

  • Social Entrepreneurship Project “Foreign Big Brothers” aiming to narrow the gap in education around the world.
  • New Venture creation project “Food for thought”, a healthy fast-food restaurant project 
  • Foreign market entry plan for a company offering green construction solution
  • Creation of an Iphone App “Never Eat Alone” designed to help professionals expand and maintain their network by sharing a meal with strangers. 
  • Opportunity assessment and business plan for a company developing iPhone applications
  • Business expansion plan for a road construction material recycling company 
  • Foreign market entry plan for a concept store /restaurant
  • Development of a digital board game in the USA
  • Creation of an integrated brand cooperation and marketing strategy of a company that develops and produces switchgear as well as other electric-related equipment
  • The development and promotion of LED lighting in China

"In China, instead of building interesting strategies in the classroom, we went to events and talked with the main stakeholders in order to develop a better feeling of the project we were dealing with and a better understanding of the market. It was a really interesting challenge to try to get in touch and connect with the local community." - Tomas P., Program Graduate from Lithuania and Business Development Manager at Absolventa (Berlin, Germany) 

The brochure of the programme Contact your counselor
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