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As the goal of the program is to prepare young innovative graduates to become entrepreneurial leaders in a global setting, the Global Entrepreneurship Program draws from the know-how of three leading institutions to educate tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. 

emlyon business school

Devoted to lifelong learning for entrepreneurial and international management, this European Business School operates around the values of the “early maker” concept which was born 10 years ago around the Do-It-Yourself principle. Today, being a maker means controlling your destiny, being the actor and entrepreneur of your existence, and moving from Do-It-Yourself to Do-It-Together in a spirit of collaboration. This concept reflects emlyon business school’s vision of an entrepreneur: an individual who tries, experiments, makes mistakes, starts again and learns as they go. 

  • emlyon business school’s Incubator is an essential structure designed to help students and alumni create their own business. Since 1984 the incubator has helped launch 1 350 start-up projects of which 85% have survived after 5 years and has created 11 000 jobs. 
  • Since 1984 more than 550 companies have been created via emlyon’s Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • Successful launch of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, first think tank dedicated to the role of the entrepreneur founded by emlyon business school, the Singapore Institution Action Community for Entrepreneurship, Nanyang Technological University, Hangzhou City and Zhejiang University in China in 2008.
  • Creation of the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum, a worldwide community of local actors aiming to support and encourage junior entrepreneurs all over the globe. 

Zhejiang University - School of Management

In 1998, the current structure of Zhejiang was formed from a merger of four schools now under the direct oversight of China’s Ministry of Education: Zhejiang, Hangzhou (the Silicon Valley of China), Zhejiang Agricultural and Zhejiang Medical. Zhejiang is a large university accredited by AMBA with over 39,000 full-time students, 9,000 of which are Masters level students and 1,400 are international students. 

Zhejiang is a large research institution with many research centers and institutes coordinated by its many schools. While attending their academic courses Zhejiang University, students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program will be able to discover the Zhejiang University Global Entrepreneurship Center and its three main research concentrations

  • innovative talent and global leadership
  • venturing resources and enterprise growth
  • policy innovation and competitiveness. 

Pace University - Lubin School of Business

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the Lubin School of Business’ curriculum. On the academic side, Lubin has placed entrepreneurial studies at both an undergraduate and graduate level with BBA and MBA programs specialized in entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Pace University prides itself with various institutions dedicated to entrepreneurship including:

  • The Pace University Entrepreneurship Lab
  • A Small Business Development Center
  • The Helene & Grant Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship
  • The Center for Student Enterprise

As Pace University believes that opportunity comes with entrepreneurship, the institution hosts a multitude of entrepreneurship-focused events every year such as the Pace Pitch Contest, rewarding students who can deliver the best pitch in under three minutes, the Pace Business Plan Competition, and  the Pace Mobile App Design Contest. 

Many Pace University alumni are from entrepreneurial families and many faculty members are practitioners and scholars who are or have been entrepreneurs in the fields of marketing and communications, fundraising, tax consulting, financial advising, etc.  Among others, Pace University’s faculty includes businessmen who have held such positions as the principal financial officer at Citibank, the CEO of Viacom Entertainment, and the President of Griffin Bacal. 

  • Find out more about Pace University’s entrepreneurial mindset here
The brochure of the programme Contact your counselor
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