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> Blog articles: find out more about the success stories of Global Entrepreneurship Program alumni. From launching their own venture to working for their family business or developing new business unites within existing firms, you will discover the stories of aspiring entrepreneurs.

What do alumni say about the program? 

  • Nezar K., Program graduate from Bahrain, currently, CEO and co-founder of Eat, a real-time reservations network for restaurants. 

"I must admit that this experience has brought forth a skill set that is needed to become a successful global entrepreneur. After studying in France, China, and the USA, I am now able to adapt to constantly changing environments. I have become an effective communicator across cultures, I see opportunities in unfamiliar environments, and most importantly, I have obtained the most valuable resource of all: A global network."

"The highlight of the Global Entrepreneurship Program is the global exposure. Leaving the program, I felt that I had just the right blend of skill sets and motivation to move to a new city and start something innovative...which is exactly what I did." 

  • Lea V., Program graduate from Germany, Co-founder of Ava, a digital women’s health startup company

The Global Entrepreneurship Program helped me in two major ways. On the one hand, there is the program, the lectures and professors. I did learn more about the technicalities of entrepreneurship. About business plans, investors and financing. On the other hand – and I believe that’s much more important – the exposure to so many fascinating, talented, passionate and international classmates.  

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  • Helga Q. , Program graduate from Colombia and Founder of NGESCO social enterprise

I strongly believe the cultural diversity was the most valuable asset of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. There were people from 12 different nationalities in my class. It helped me to acquire a global mind-set, a broad view of business, and an understanding of different values, habits, behaviors, traditions, and ways of living, not only by gaining knowledge in the classroom, but through direct contact with other countries, cultures and people. 

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